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Bisecu keeps your bike safe

Never lose your bicycle again with the Bisecu.

The world's first fully automated smart bike lock, the Bisecu has an auto lock feature which locks up your bike for you when you walk away from it and unlocks it for you when you're nearby.

They wrote on their Kickstarter page: "Bisecu syncs with your smartphone via bluetooth and measures signal strength to recognize the distance between the device and you. Bisecu automatically locks your bike as you walk away and unlocks your bike as you approach to it ...

"Bisecu engineers always wanted bike lock to be a truly automatic device, free from keys, crouching on the floors or button triggered operation. With invisible lock mechanism and bluetooth wireless connection, Bisecu is designed for the next generation riders ...

"Inside, Bisecu has implanted newly designed proprietary invisible locking structure. This unique locking structure enables to build the smart lock even smaller, lighter form factor. And it is impossible to cut from outside."

If the bike is stolen, a loud alarm will sound and you will receive a notification about it on your phone.

They added: "Bisecu has advanced security with 100db loud alarm with mobile push notification. The blinking LED light is also visible day and night to detect theft or tampering. With Bisecu, you no longer need to worry about it."

And not only does it keep your bike safe, but it can also give you lots of information about your riding.

They shared: "Bisecu has integrated precise and sensitive 3 motion sensors. These sensors always operate when you lock your bike or ride on it ...

"The three precise, sensitive motion sensors on Bisecu always keep track of your riding. It analyzes your speed, average speed, distance, and travel time in real time, and you can review your riding data summary through mobile application ...

"The led lights turn in response to your riding speed. You can easily check your speed. And it is safer at night."

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