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Amazon Alexa available in cars

Amazon's Alexa is now available in cars.

The company have teamed up with Garmin to create the Garmin Speak, a device similar to the Echo Dot, which sits on the dashboard and brings the full range of Alexa skills into the vehicle, and things like music, audiobooks, news and weather can be played out through the car stereo.

What's more, users will be able to place orders on Amazon and even control their home smart devices with the gadget, and for drivers who are lost, simply tell Alexa to "Ask Garmin" for turn-by-turn navigation.

Amazon and Garmin have teamed up to bring the wisdom and subservient attitude of Alexa to a car near you.

The Garmin Speak will use smartphone data via the Garmin Speak app, through a connection via Bluetooth or AUX cord.

Meanwhile, Amazon are improving the list function on their Alexa devices.

The Shopping list and To-Do list functionality is to be expanded to allow users to create their own lists for any purpose and give them specific names, meaning it is possible to have shopping lists for different stores.

To use the new feature, say, "Alexa, create a list" and Alexa will then ask for a name for the list.

Amazon have made the change because of user feedback as it has been one of their most requested features for some time.

The updated feature will be rolled out throughout the next few days.

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