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Brizi filters the air for you

Brizi filters the air that you and your baby breathe.

Yosi Romano and his team have developed an air filter, which senses harmful air and filters it out, and comes in two modifications - one that can attach to any bag or item of clothing and one which is in a cushion shape to fit under a baby's head.

They shared: "Brizi senses harmful air. Brizi's specially designed high-tech sensor detects harmful gases and particulates in the air. It uploads this information to the Brizi App via Bluetooth.

"Brizi filters the air. The fan in Brizi Baby's cushion filters pollution out of the air in the baby's breathing area using Brizi's specially designed filters. These are high-grade medical-quality filters, similar to the filters used in hospital incubators.

"Brizi delivers clean air. Brizi Baby's fan delivers 1.5 litres of clean, filtered air to the child's breathing area every ten seconds"

Brizi uses two different sensors to detect gas pollution as well as particular pollution.

They added: "Brizi Sensor can detect both gases and particulate matter. The gas sensor is capable of detecting several toxic gases. Our current configuration focuses on detecting high levels of Nitrogen Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide, which can be the most dangerous gases to human health.

"The particulate sensor is a PM2.5 sensor that detects particles 2.5 micrometers in diameter, or smaller. It has an internal fan to take continuous readings, and uses a low-grade internal laser beam to measure particles."

The data collected by Brizi's accompanying app will also help to establish a "collective database of pollution information" for towns and cities across the world.

They explained on their Kickstarter page: "The Brizi App will collect street-level pollution data from every user to a collective database of pollution information. When developed, this will mean anyone with the Brizi App can use this 'crowd-sourced' pollution information to choose healthier walking routes, advocate for cleaner air in your community, and feel in control of the air you breathe."

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