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The Altwork Station changes the way you work

The Altwork Station promises to change the way you work by helping you lie down on the job.

The workstation allows you to keep on working whether you're sitting down, standing up on fully reclining, and it takes up far less space than a traditional desk and chair.

They shared on their website: "It has an integrated monitor, desk, and chair that moves with your body to create an amazingly comfortable and productive workstation. Four productivity positions - you can sit, stand, collaborate, and focus (reclining where your computer moves with you). It requires just 18 square feet of space, much less than a desk and chair in a traditional office.

"The monitor maintains a consistent distance from your eyes and the desk maintains a consistent distance from your hands. You can rotate your screen to share with colleagues or friends next to you, even from your preferred focus position. In the standing collaboration mode, you can hold meetings on the fly without the hassle of finding a conference room.

"The workstation is on casters so it's easy to move and take advantage of open office environments. Just unlock the casters, unplug a single power cable, and move. An electronics tray allows you to power all your peripherals without the mess of cables all over the place - this way your Altwork Station is always aesthetically clean, elegant and movable."

The Signature Altwork Station comes in a variety of customisable colours and costs $8,500. There are various add ons that can be purchased including a Side Table for $775 and a Dual Monitor Mount System for $475.

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