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Vortx simulates your video game's environment

Vortx - the 4D environmental simulator - helps you feel truly immersed in your video games.

A Kickstarter campaign has been launched for the device, which has been developed to "physically recreate any virtual environment" in your home.

They shared on their page: "Vortx is the world's first 4D simulator that can physically recreate any virtual environment in the comfort of your home or office

"It reads and analyses audio and video data in real-time to create physical effects that you can feel to match what you see and hear; because Vortx processes live data that means it is compatible with ANY PC game title and every digital video platform.

"Imagine feeling the effects of bullets whizzing by and battlefield explosions in 'Battlefield'. Or what about the swirling inferno of Drogon's fiery breath in 'Game of Thrones'? With Vortx you won't just see and hear the action - you'll feel it."

The Vortx also comes with handy ways to personalise your experiences by changing the LED lighting or deciding what intensity level you want for the effects.

They added: "Built by and for gamers, Vortx was created to be easily integrated with your existing PC setup. Simply plug in and start experiencing. Simply turning the oversized dial will give you the ability to adjust the intensity level of all the effects, from temperature to wind speed. You'll have complete control of the LED lighting should you want to customize them to match your keyboard and mouse. You're also able to direct airflow with the adjustable nozzle to ensure that you're truly immersed, no matter where you go."

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