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Idea Train has its own gym

Inventors from Germany have unveiled plans for a train, which has its own gym and pod beds.

The Ideenzug - or Idea Train - has been designed by railway firm Deutsche Bahn, who showed it off at an exhibition in Nuremberg.

This Idea Train is a double decker, where there are chairs that can swivel to face either the front or inwards into the middle aisle as well as pods for "power napping".

In the train there is also a fitness studio, which has exercise bikes as well as a digital fitness coach on the screen to help you push yourself during your exercise time.

For those who prefer to watch television or play video games, there is also a space to do that too.

Jörg Sandvoß, head of Deutsche Bahn Regio, told Süddeutsche Zeitung: "We want to create rolling living rooms."

It comes soon after Deutsche Bahn's first self driving bus took to the roads.

The electric vehicle took passengers in Bad Birnach, Bavaria on an eight minute journey from the hot springs to the railway station. The EZ10 bus has six spaces for sitting passengers but there is also space for a further six people to stand.

Richard Lutz, the head of the German railway giant Deutsche Bahn, was one of the first passengers.

He said: "We've just driven, completely autonomously, into a new era of transport. Autonomous driving will become reality on German streets."

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