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The Somnox helps you sleep

The Somnox robot can help you sleep better.

The clever gadget was launched on Kickstarter recently and it promises to help you get a better night sleep by calming your breathing and giving you affection.

The creators wrote on their Kickstarter page: "Thank you so much for your interest in our sleep robot! We're super excited to finally launch on Kickstarter. The last two years have been a crazy roller coaster ride for us, where we busted our butts every day to get to this point. And we've only just begun!

"It's awesome that we've received so much support from the community, the media, and even our inspiring production partner Royal Auping who believed in us when we where just four students chasing a dream.

"The encouragement of so many people makes us feel that we're really on to something special here. We hope to make people all over the world aware that sleep medication doesn't have to be the default solution for bad nights of sleep. Please join our journey and spread the word to bring the world better sleep! Sleep tight."

The Somnox works by helping to soothe both your body and your mind by reducing stress and anxiety.

They added: "Meet the Somnox sleep robot, your non-invasive ultimate sleep companion that improves sleep by soothing body and mind, reducing stress and anxiety so you can fall asleep faster, sleep longer and wake up feeling refreshed. It does so by providing a range of effective and proven features: breathing regulation, audio and affection.

"For around one out of five people, achieving a good night's rest is hard due to stress and anxiety. The Somnox sleep robot soothes body and mind, helping you feel more relaxed and energised. Through effective cognitive and breathing techniques, the Somnox sleep robot does not only accelerate your process of falling asleep but also helps you reach deeper levels of relaxation.

"Sleeping is essential for you to start the day with a lot of energy. The Somnox sleep robot uses sounds and movement to wake you up at the right moment every morning."

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