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Robots set to perform surgeries?

A penny-sized robot could soon be used to perform surgeries.

Scientists at Harvard University have developed the milliDelta, which is a miniaturised version of Delta robots and has three individually controlled arms that allow it to perform potentially complex tasks, like an operation.

According to scientists, the size of the robot doesn't stop it from carrying out incredibly precise movements.

Donald Ingber, from Harvard's Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, said: "The work by Wood's team demonstrating the enhanced speed and control of their milliDelta robot at the millimeter scale opens entirely new avenues of development for industrial and medical robots, which are currently beyond the reach of existing technologies."

The design is also well suited to assisting with the construction of electronic circuits, as well as retinal operations, which require similarly high levels of precision.

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed that swan robots are being used in Singapore to test the quality of water in reservoirs.

Five robotic birds are being deployed on reservoirs serving the city state in Asia, with the ambition being to monitor the quality of the water.

Professor Mandar Chitre of the National University of Singapore, recently explained: "We started with a number of smaller bird models, before we decided on the swan.

"It's just the right size. If you look at it in the environment, it looks just like a swan swimming around."

The robotic swans have been designed in a way that ensures they can survive encounters with kayaks and small boats.

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