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Google announces plan to amend Search tool

Google plans to amend its Search tool to provide "diverse perspectives" where appropriate.

The American technology firm has announced details of the critical change, which will affect the text box that often appears at the top of results page that features a response from a third-party site.

But under its revamped approach, multiple snippets will be shown to the user in the future, as opposed to the current option, which only provides a single box.

Matthew Gray, Google's Snippets chief, explained: "There are often legitimate diverse perspectives offered by publishers, and we want to provide users visibility and access into those perspective from multiple sources."

On the flip side, Joseph Evans, digital media analyst at the consultancy Enders Analysis, has doubted the wisdom of the change.

Speaking to the BBC, he explained: "Both Google and Facebook are trying to address claims that they played a part in disseminating misinformation.

"Google is addressing one of its most controversial products in this context.

"But it still looks like a refusal of responsibility to say that, 'Sometimes we're wrong, but we can solve the problem by offering multiple viewpoints.'"

Meanwhile, in December, it was reported that YouTube - which is owned by Google - is working on a music subscription service to rival the likes of Spotify.

At the time, it was said that the video site was set to unveil their new music service in March, with record labels like Warner Music Group already signed up.

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