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China's police get face-recognising glasses

Police in China are getting face-recognition glasses to help them battle crime ahead of New Year on February 16.

Officers based at a highly populated train station in Henan have already been issued the new specs, which are equipped with facial scanning technology as part of a security push ahead of the huge occasion.

According to state-media reports, the glasses have led to the capture of seven wanted criminals, while it's said a further 26 people have been caught using fake IDs.

LLVision Technology is the company behind them, and the firm told the Wall Street Journal newspaper that they can recognise 100,000 different faces, while taking just 100 milliseconds to identify someone.

However, there are security concerns being raised for citizens, and Amnesty International's William Nee has hinted at the possible impact of the technology.

He told the Journal: "The potential to give individual police officers facial-recognition technology in sunglasses could eventually make China's surveillance state all the more ubiquitous."

It comes as the nation's CCTV surveillance work increases - by 2020, it will include over 600 million cameras powered by AI.

A report in December by the BBC revealed the system is already able to track citizens and identify the car they drive and even their friends.

A journalist for the broadcaster was sent to Sudworth in Guiyang - which has a population of about 3.5 million - by Chinese officials to get an insight into the power of the system, and he was in police custody just seven minutes later.

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