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New iOS bug can disable access to iMessages

A new iOS bug can block access to the iMessage app when a certain character is received.

The hiccup has been discovered in iOS 11 which occurs when an Indian language (Telugu) character is sent to a device, causing Apple's iOS Springboard to crash.

As explained on The Verge - who tested the bug after it was spotted by Italian blog Mobile World - users won't be able to open the app as it tries and fails to load.

It's said the only way to regain access to iMessages is to have a different friend send you a message, and then attempt to delete the original thread containing the character.

However, it is noted that the public beta versions of iOS 11.3 appear to be unaffected, so it will be fixed once the update is available more widely in the spring time.

This follows news that Apple will reportedly delay software features following a concern that bugs are being left in the code as a result of its fast-paced release cycle.

It is said that while the technology giant will remain committed to a software update annually, the update in autumn will lack a number of features.

According to Bloomberg, a new strategy by Craig Federighi, head of software, will mean there will not be an update for the photos app, and the home screen will also not be redesigned.

The new system should allow developers more time to focus on the new features, rather than rushing them to meet the annual release cycle.

A source said: "This change is Apple beginning to realise that schedules are not being hit, stuff is being released with bugs - which previously would not have happened."

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