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Apple plan upgraded wireless earbuds

Apple are planning to release regular updates on their wireless earbuds.

The tech giant unveiled the wireless headphones last year, and, like the iPhone, they are working on regular updates on an annual, reported Bloomberg.

The publication claims that Apple is working on the next two models which are slated for release in 2018 and 2019 and describes that the upcoming AirPods model will allow users to communicate with Siri.

The model, which is coming as early as this year, will allow people to summon Siri without having to physically tap the headphones by saying 'hey Siri'.

This function will work similarly to how a user activates the digital assistant on an iPhone or a HomePod speaker.

Known internally as B288, the headphones will include an upgraded Apple-designed wireless chip for managing Bluetooth.

For the model the year after, Bloomberg claim the big feature will be the water resistance so that AirPods can survive splashes of water and rain.

The news comes after Apple will delay software features following a concern that bugs are being left in the code as a result of its fast-paced release cycle.

It is said that while the technology giant will remain committed to a software update annually, the update in autumn will lack a number of features.

The new system should allow developers more time to focus on the new features, rather than rushing them to meet the annual release cycle.

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