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'UFO' captured by Google Earth satelites

An unexplained orb pictured in the sky by Google Earth has got UFO spotters excited.

The silver and grey sphere which appears to be floating above trees near Lake George in upstate New York in the US was captured on camera by the 3D mapping program which uses satellites to show views of the planet Earth from above.

UFO spotters have shared the image on social media speculating that it shows an Unidentified Flying Object.

A YouTube channel called 'UFOmania - The Truth Is Out There' has shared screengrabs of the image which it claims were taken by Scott C Waring on Wednesday March 7, 2018.

The sphere is shown hovering near the Vermont border, near a radio tower at Shelving Rock.

UFOmania said: "Here is a UFO found on Google Earth today. Many past UFO reports described round sphere UFOs and it does seem to be the most common shape around the world."

The narrator of the video claimed all previous 'UFOs' found on Street View had been deleted.

However, the co-ordinates mentioned in the YouTube video do not match the location shown on Google Earth.

And many have dismissed the object as simply a drop of water on the camera lens.

Google has not commented on what might have caused the phenomenon.

Earlier this month conspiracy theorists claimed to have found an apparent "UFO crash site" in Antartica pictured on Google Earth.

But geologists have said the trail in the snow can easily be explained as having been caused by an avalanch.

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