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Pizza Hut to launch innovative new app

Pizza Hut is introducing a new app that allows customers to order their food in record time.

The American restaurant chain has revealed that Qkr!* with Masterpass will give customers more control than ever before, allowing them to pay without asking for a waiter and to split the cost with friends by paying through the app, thereby saving them as much as 12 minutes.

Gareth Hopley, Head of Communications at Pizza Hut Restaurants, explained: "We are always looking to innovate and provide new services for our guests, so partnering with Mastercard to offer this new speedy and secure payment system was a no-brainer for us."

Gareth also explained that the innovative new app gives customers more control over their dining than ever before.

He continued: "We want to ensure our guests have the best experience whenever they choose to dine in our restaurants. Whether that's enjoying a quick bite with friends over lunch or a longer, more relaxed dinner and drinks with family - it's important to us that all time spent in our Huts is 'quality' time not 'dead' time.

"Rolling out Qkr! means we can give guests on the go control of their time - it puts them in charge of when they pay, how they pay, and even who pays for what!"

Research conducted on behalf of Pizza Hut found that if Brits had an additional 12 minutes a day, eight per cent of them would use the time to learn a new language, while five per cent would book a holiday.

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