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First ever AI fairytale

A meditation app has reportedly written the first artificial intelligence fairytale.

According to company Calm, 'The Princess and the Fox' is a "new" fable by the Brothers Grimm, despite being created by humans using an AI tool to weave a story in the style of the iconic folk writers Jacob and Wilhelm.

Calm has teamed up with Botnik Studios - a community of artists, writers and developers - on what it is referring to us "literary cloning" for the exciting collaboration.

A predictive text programme was used to generate words and phrases readers might expect to find in the original Grimm stories - their influential collection 'Children's and Household Tales' was published in two volumes between 1812 and 1815.

As reported by BBC, Botnik's chief executive Jamie Brew explained these were then used by human writers to piece together sentences to form "the rough shape of a story".

An extract from the tale reads: "Once upon a time, there was a golden horse with a golden saddle and a beautiful purple flower in its hair. The horse would carry the flower to the village where the princess danced for joy at the thought of looking so beautiful and good.

"'It's magnificent!' she said to her father, the king of bread and cheese. 'Will you give it something to eat and drink if I finally marry the prince?'"

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