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Google rolls out new Chat messaging service

Google has started to roll-out its new Chat messaging service.

The American tech giant's new feature boasts a number of impressive functions, allowing consumers to create group chats, make video calls and read receipts - and it is to be integrated on the default messages app on Android phones.

The feature has actually been in the works for a period of years, but is only now hitting the market,with Google hoping its latest launch emerges as a rival to Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

In contrast to Chat, Google has paused development of Allo, which launched in 2016.

Last month, meanwhile, Google updated its Play Movies and TV app for Android users.

The search engine site included a new feature to its app to show users which streaming apps are currently able to stream a film and TV series that a user wants to watch.

This includes many of the main streaming sites, including Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO, Go/Now, and Showtime, as well as TV networks, including ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, HGTV, Comedy Central and more.

However, Netflix is as of yet not available on the app so Play Movies won't know if something is on the streaming site.

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