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AI can find the perfect bottle of wine

Artificial Intelligence is being used to find the perfect bottle of wine - by matching bottles to people's personal tastes.

A new app called Bright Cellars promises to find users their ideal wine-pairing using machine learning to give every bottle a personalised score, according to

Members must take a simple quiz, with questions including "What is you favourite type of chocolate" and "How do you take your coffee?"

The algorithm evaluates 18 taste attributes against members responses and uses the resulting information to find their top four wines. These are then delivered direct to their door.

By rating the wines each month, AI will fine-tune its data-profile of the members in order to find them their ideal wine.

Bright Cellars have two Sommeliers focused on finding unique wines from small vineyards around the globe, including Italy, Spain, Portugal, and South America. The company are extremely selective, choosing only one out of every 12 bottles they sample to add to their range.

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed, with the promised of a free replacement bottle if members are sent a wine they do not like.

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