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Woman builds robot boyfriend

A woman is building her own robot boyfriend.

New York-based Chinese designer and artist Fei Liu has been working on Gabriel2052 since June 2017, and regularly performs with her robot, interacting, kissing, cuddling and licking the machine.

Unlike traditional sex robots, Gabriel2052 is not humanoid, but is a small-form machine with robotic arms.

Fei Liu told Mashable: "The robot will have library of all the things that I like,whether that's words, or books or movies, places that I like to be touched, ways that I like to be held.

"With permission from my ex, I've been downloading all of our old text messages and I'm using what's called a Markov chain to generate plausible sentences that he may have written."

The artist said the project is an exploration of sexuality, attraction and relationships, and also an attempt to take back the male-centric view of women artificial intelligence (AI) has created in sex robots.

Fei Liu said: "The name Gabriel2052 comes from the sex doll Gabriel 1M that's out on the market, and 2052 is the year sex scientists predict that we'll all have married our robots.

"Even though I say that I'm building the love that I deserve, does that mean that I deserve love?

"For me it's not really a project for myself I want to help other people find the love that they deserve and need.

Fei Liu is also dating a human boyfriend and offers free workshops teaching others to make robots.

She revealed: "Actually the reason my human partner and I started dating is kind of because of Gabriel2052.

"He had come to one of the performances [I do with the robot]. After the performance he said Gabriel is intimidating, because he was afraid that Gabriel would be able to predict what I wanted before even I knew.

"And of course he's not really there yet at all.

"But I think that's an interesting thing that people do think about - 'How is my knowledge and experience going to become totally useless in the future when robots can do all of this stuff?'"

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