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Apple plans for faster iPhone charging

Apple will reportedly give the newest iPhone models a boost for faster battery charging.

The tech giant is said to be making plans to ensure its latest phones will be able to compete with the power of its Android competitors.

Although iPhone X and iPhone 8 models can already accommodate this with a more powerful charger, AppleInsider reports that this could become standard.

It notes that the company is preparing an upgrade to the specifications of 2018 iPhones to make sure the latest releases can match its competitor.

It's said that a research note given to the publication reveals Rosenblatt Securities' Jun Zhang's belief that Apple will move from 5V 2A to 9V 2A and 5V 3A in the upcoming generation.

The reason for this would be to "support more applications, provide a quicker recharge, and better compete with Android OEMs".

It's thought that the company will go about this through the use of Power Integrations as the lone supplier for the fast-charging chipsets.

Meanwhile, Flextronics and Artesyn would be used for upcoming iPad Pro and iPhones.

And it's suggested ON Semiconductor and NXP Semiconductors will be replaced as "the main provider for the charging solution for all new iPhones and iPads", after Power Integrations fixed a quality issue.

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