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IBM creates robot that argues with humans

IBM have built a robot that answers back to people.

Project Debater has just competed in its first public debate against humans, and successfully presented an opposing argument to its human competitors.

According to New Scientist the audience voted that while Project Debater's delivery was lacking, it offered more information to make its case, and so the contest was called a tie.

The robot is a two metre tall black panel, which speaks with a confident female voice.

The robot did make a few machine errors such as using the word "voiceover" in the middle of a sentence referencing the astronaut Scott Kelly, suggesting it was quoting from a video transcript, while it also used mixed clauses in its sentences.

The AI system took six years to develop and has a bank of several hundred million articles to draw from, covering around 100 topics.

When posed with a debate question it takes a few minutes to search through its information bank, choose an argument and create a speech.

The robot also uses speech recognition to analyse its opponents arguments, which can take a few minutes to process - but it then attempts to respond directly to points raised by its opponent, and cites some sources for it information.

IBM said it hopes Project Debater's ability to identify key claims in a debate and construct logical arguments could help to design more sophisticated digital assistants.

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