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Instagram users will be able to post hour-long videos

Instagram users can now post videos up to an hour long.

The social media platform has announced the launch of the IGTV feature to rival the likes of YouTube.

This means Instagram users can share video content up to 60 times longer than the current limit of a 60 seconds.

Instagram founder Kevin Systrom told BBC Newsbeat: "Video deserves a better home on mobile."

It is not known if the longer videos will include adverts or if users will be paid per view for their content, as they are on YouTube.

Kevin said the company are in, "no rush to figure that out".

IGTV will be a standalone app as well as appearing on users' homepages.

Currently, the longest clip Instagram users can post on their feed is 60 seconds.

Instagram Stories have a 15-second video clip limit - and these expire after 24 hours.

Kevin said he feels a "responsibility" to change the way people make and view video on Instagram, which is owned by Facebook.

He said: "All the data we have shows that people are spending less and less time in front of TVs, but spending more and more time on their phones."

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