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YouTube will notify creators of stolen videos

YouTube has announced its new Copyright Match tool to help creators find stolen videos on the streaming service.

The latest update has been launched with the goal of helping content creators on the website protect their material, and give them control if any issues do arise.

Every time a video is uploaded, the service will scan and check to see if the content already exists, or if it's very similar to other complete videos - not clips - on the site.

The tool will be rolled out to creators with more than 100,000 subscribers next week, and it will be more widly available over the next few months.

Creators using the tool will get a notification if copies of their videos appear on YouTube, and they can decide whether to do nothing, contact the person who uploaded the copy, or ask YouTube to have it removed.

In a blog post detailing the new development, YouTube added: "As this is a powerful feature, we will monitor usage closely and will continue to expand over the coming months with the long-term goal of making it available to every creator in the YouTube Partner program."

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