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YouTube experiments with new Explore feature

YouTube is currently experimenting with a feature that's designed to help users find new channels and videos while browsing on mobile.

The brand new Explore feature - which will recommend videos based on what viewers are already watching - is to appear on a tab at the bottom of the app's home screen for around one percent of iOS users.

Tom Leung, YouTube's director of product management, explained: "Explore is designed to help you be exposed to different kinds of topics, videos, or channels that you might not otherwise encounter, but they're still personalised - so they're still based on your viewing activity."

Earlier this month, YouTube announced that it was adding authoritative context for search results about conspiracy theories.

In a bid to tackle dishonest or unverified material on its website, YouTube has decided to ensure that such posts also feature links to text with "trusted sources like Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britannica".

The move is part of the company's broader Google News Initiative, which was launched earlier this year and is designed to reduce misinformation appearing on the popular site.

YouTube chief product officer Neal Mohan explained: "It's very easy to quickly produce and upload low-quality videos spreading misinformation around a developing news event."

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