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Apple updates GiveBack programme

Apple has updated its GiveBack programme to allow customers to trade in old devices.

The new feature will let people use their unwanted devices to offset the cost of buying a new one, even when it's purchased online.

Before now, the only way to immedaitely get a credit to use against new purchases was by visiting an actual, physical Apple Store.

If a customer wanted to use the company's trade-in programme online, it would mean shippin your advice and waiting for a gift card or debit card to be delivered.

Under the new system, Apple has confirmed a credit for trading in an old model can be used immediately when buying a new devie online.

When on the 'buy' page for all products, you will see the GiveBack option, and it will just take a couple of questions and serial number to get a trade-in estimate.

The newest devices accepted under the programme as the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

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