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Gatebox is virtual wife

A Japanese company have unveiled a $1300 virtual wife.

The Gatebox device displays an AI 'Hikari Azuma', a small anime character, which can recognise their "master's" face or complete a task.

A post on their website reads: "We have announced the mass production model of the virtual home robot Gatebox. We are very excited to finally respond to the countless requests that we have received since our initial limited sales of Gatebox. Gatebox is the world's first virtual home robot that allows you to live with your favorite character. By utilising the latest projection and sensing technology, it allows you to communicate with your favourite character by summoning the character inside Gatebox. Gatebox Mass Production Model (GTBX-100) is the new standard model with more sophisticated product design and better performance enabling more presence of characters and more fluent communication. In addition, in order for more people to be able to experience the life together, we are selling the latest Gatebox mass production model at 150,000yen which is half the price of the limited production model. Making a world where everyone can live with their favourite characters. This is our next challenge."

The virtual robot can "communicate actively" with their owner, including welcoming them home after a hard day.

They added: "As a result of reconsidering the hardware design from the bottom up and trimming off the fat, Gatebox has been refined to a slimmer body which can contain itself to an A4size. Moreover, the aerial feel of the new futuristic design elevates the days that you'll spend with your characters. Gatebox is equipped with a dual-microphone system at the top of the case, enabling you to communicate with your characters from afar than the limited production model.

"Moreover, the latest mass production model recognizes faces and movements of the masters with cameras and human sensors. This will enable characters to communicate actively, for example smiling to masters when characters find them, welcoming home masters by automatic detection.

"We will deliver a trial version of our original character "Hikari Azuma" upon the sales of the mass production model. Hikari Azuma is a character with a comforting charm designed by Mr.Taro Minoboshi. Hikari Azuma's official release is planned for this December. Upon its release, updates that'll lighten up your days such as celebrating anniversaries, making a toast will be made. Hikari Azuma will grow to be the user's ideal wife upon further updates."

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