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Apple's self-driving car patent

Apple wants a self driving car which can tell the human 'driver' what moves it will make.

A recenty published patent from the company has suggested the ompany is keen on a vehicle which calculates its route in advance, and keeps its passenger up to date along the way.

According to the documents spotted by Patently Apple, the firm has imaginged a 'Countdown Indicator' which runs down the seconds until the autonomous car makes its maneuver.

Although there's no guarantee it will ever be made a reality - an initial patent was filed in September 2015 - there is still enough to give people an idea of how Apple would see a potential product.

It wuold also help with the trust issue with self driving cars, as human passengers may find it difficult to fully relax without the control.

However, passengers being able to know what the car will do ahead of time could be a way of addressing that fear, giving them an an idea of what will happen and when to expect it.

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