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Facebook cancels accounts of army leaders in Myanmar

Facebook has cancelled the accounts of a number of army figures in Myanmar, including the army chief.

The social network platform took the decision following the publication of a UN report, which called for a number of leaders to face trial for genocide for their part in their violence against the Rohingya.

The move is significant for Facebook as it marks the first time that the tech giant has taken the decision to ban a country's military or political leader.

Facebook is a hugely influential platform in Myanmar - which was previously known as Burma - as there are as many as 18 million users of the site in the country.

Earlier this month, meanwhile, Facebook took the decision to ban the University of Cambridge Psychometric Centre's MyPersonality app for sharing data with only "limited protections in place".

The under-pressure social networking site said it plans to inform the people who have taken the test that the data they shared "may have been misused".

MyPersonality is only the second of the apps that were suspended by Facebook in light of the Cambridge Analytica data-abuse scandal to have been banned.

The first of the banned apps was This Is Your Digital Life, which is Cambridge Analytica's data-harvesting personality test.

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