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Twitter posts disappear from Facebook

Twitter posts on Facebook have temporarily disappeared following an admin request.

Users of social media have the ability to cross-post content between the two platforms, and although the function has since been restored, it's said the feature disappeared after an admin for the micro-blogging site Twitter requested that their app was deleted from the social network.

In a statement to Axios, Facebook explained: "A Twitter admin requested their app be deleted, which resulted in content that people had cross-posted from Twitter to Facebook also being temporarily removed from people's profiles.

"However, we have since restored the past content and it's now live on people's profiles."

According to a source close to Twitter, the company has inititally asked Facebook for more time to see if users could still joint post on both social networks, after an announcement in January that the feature was being removed.

Earlier this month, the Twitter app - which has been rendered useless since the change - was deleted from the Facebook platform without realising it would remove old tweets as well as preventing future ones.

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