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Apple Watch's new fall detection

Apple's new Apple Watch Series 4 comes with "automatic fall detection".

The tech giants revealed their plans for three new phones and a new watch during their event on Wednesday (12.09.18), and whilst the new iPhones - the XS, the XS Max, and the XR - are undoubtedly impressive, the Apple Watch Series 4 has some interesting new features.

Apple described the product as "redefining what a watch can do for you", and said they were taking the Apple Watch "to the next level" with the new model.

One of the new model's most impressive features is the automatic fall detection, which gives users a notification asking if they need to call for assistance if the watch detects that they have fallen over.

If users are then immobile for more than one minute, the watch will automatically make a call to emergency services. Particularly clumsy users might need to be careful of this new feature, but it could prove life saving for people with disabilities or the elderly.

On top of the fall detection, the Apple Watch Series 4 comes with a better heart rate monitor, with better data collecting that can tell you if your heart rate is too slow, or too fast.

It even comes with a built in electrocardiogram (ECG), which tests your heart's rhythm, and is the first consumer product available over the counter to do so.

Elsewhere, the new watch has had a complete overhaul in its design, with a thinner face and bigger screen.

There's more customisable options too, including the ability to have different time zones on the watch face, as well as new dynamic faces including fire and water, which interact with the watch dial itself.

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