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Huawei to release folding phone

Huawei have promised to deliver a foldable smartphone within the next year.

The Chinese technology company are "already working" on releasing a smartphone with a fold-out screen, according to the firm's chief executive Richard Yu.

Speaking to German newspaper Die Welt, he said: "Why are you still using a computer? Probably because you find a smartphone display too small. We will change that. It is conceivable that you could fold out a display."

Richard then added that the company are hard at work on creating such a device, which he believes will be ready within a year.

His comments come just days after an executive at Huawei's South Korean rival company Samsung said it was time for his company to develop a foldable smartphone.

This suggests close competition between Huawei and Samsung, both of which are seemingly in a race to see who can produce and effective folding smartphone first.

Ben Stanton from market research firm Canalys told the BBC: "The industry is very close now to foldable phones becoming a commercial reality."

However, he also pointed out Richard's idea of replacing computers with foldable smartphones might not appeal to many customers.

Ben added: "It almost feels with foldable displays that technology companies are using this as something to highlight how innovative and technologically advanced they are ... without really considering the nuts and bolts that would make it a commercial success."

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