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Next-gen of LIDAR

A new startup has claimed to have build the next-generation version of LIDAR.

Aeva - a California-based company which was founded just last year - has taken the development of 3D mapping technology further with a small box that can offer a more direct measurement of objects in a given scene, and the distance and velocity of them in relation to others.

The company's two co-founders have suggested it will help power future self-driving vehicles as such cars become more commonplace.

Soroush Salehian told The Verge: "Typically you have separate LIDAR, separate camera, and separate motion sensors and fuse them in a central compute box.

"Our product has access to the lowest levels of data. We can measure pixels on certain objects, like a human limb. We can measure the velocity and motion of a pedestrian or object, and we can predict the future motion of those objects pretty accurately."

He pointed out that the product isn't necessarily a step fowrard in artificial intelligence, but explained it does a better job of capturing data about its surroundings using a combination of hardware and software.

The company's claims carry added weight, as founders Salehian and Mina Rezk both previously worked for Apple's Special Projects team, while the former also developed the first Aapple Watch and iPhone 6.

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