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Facebook removes pages and accounts ahead of mid-term elections

Facebook has removed more than 800 pages and accounts that posted sensationalist political content that broke its rules.

The social networking platform - which faced intense criticism in the aftermath of the 2016 US election - has taken action ahead of the mid-term elections in America, revealing the pages and accounts violate its spam rules.

Facebook head of cybersecurity policy Nathaniel Gleicher and product manager Oscar Rodriguez have discussed the contentious issue in a blog post, revealing that Facebook users are trying to amend their activity to ensure they stay ahead of the rules.

The post read: "The bulk of the inauthentic activity we see on Facebook is spam that's typically motivated by money, not politics. And the people behind it are adapting their behavior as our enforcement improves. (sic)"

Earlier this month, meanwhile, Facebook announced that it had found "no evidence" that third-party apps were recently accessed by hackers.

The social network launched an investigation into a security breach that saw 50 million people affected by a vulnerability in the site's 'view as' feature.

The attack exploited code associated with the feature and meant hackers were able to steal "access tokens" used to take over people's profiles.

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