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Gamers can control a real human with new MIT experiment

A dystopian online game will give people control over a real human on Halloween.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has taken an upcoming episode of 'Black Mirror' - which is set to feature branching storylines with the viewer in charge - even further with an online social experiment.

On October 31, MIT researchers are launching a crowdsourced experience which lets people play a choose-your-own-adventure game in real time by taking control of a real life actor.

'BeeMe' lets players come together - voting on various commands - to control an actor and try to defeat an evil artificial intelligence programme.

MIT Media Lab member Niccolo Pescetelli recently told Business Insider: "The event will follow the story of an evil AI by the name of Zookd, who has accidentally been released online.

"Internet users will have to coordinate at scale and collectively help the actor (also a character in the story) to defeat Zookd. If they fail, the consequences could be disastrous."

The project seeks to dramatically alter our understanding of interactions both online and in the real world.

A statement explained: "[The aim is to] redefine the way in which we understand social interactions online and in real life; pushing crowdsourcing and collective intelligence to the extreme to see where it breaks down."

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