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WhatsApp launches stickers and wants artists involved

WhatsApp is launching stickers and wants artists to add to the selection.

The messaging service - which is owned by Facebook - is releasing packs created by its own designers and a number of outside creators to supplement GIFs and emojis within the app.

To use the stickers, users will simply tap the new button and choose which one you want to send.

The company announced in a blog: "Whether with a smiling teacup or a crying broken heart, stickers help you share your feelings in a way that you can't always express with words."

WhatsApp is urging other artists to make more stickets for use in the app, and to do that it's released a set of interfaces and APIs to allow people to create third-party packs which can be added to the initial selections via both the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store.

The company confirmed: "Stickers will be available for Android and iPhone over the coming weeks. We hope you enjoy them!"

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