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Snapchat teams up with UK media brands for short TV shows

Snapchat is teaming up with major media outlets to bring short TV shows to the video-sharing app.

The social media giant has partnered with 17 UK media brands, including Sky News and VICE, to create mini series that last up to seven minutes long.

Remi Saad, head of international content partnerships at Snap, says the innovative idea came about as they noticed the 21 American shows already on Discover attracted 10 million monthly viewers globally and they feel it could have similar results with UK shows.

However, Snap won't be funding the shows, instead offering advertising in the form of brief non-skippable ads placed, which is unusual for the app as they usually support the facility to skip content.

Saad told Business Insider: "We see the investment strategy around shows is about bringing amazing content that people love into Snapchat too.

"We have seen great success with launching shows in the US... The format has proven it'll bring some great engagement."

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