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Sony and Eurostar's alternative on-board tourist guide

Sony has teamed up with Eurostar to create a new digital travel guide for Amsterdam.

The tech giant and high-speed rail service have produced a new on-board travel guide captured on the RX100M6 professional quality, compact digital camera, to enable travellers to learn about the top alternative destinations to visit in the Dutch capital.

The innovative idea came off the back of a study, which found 40 per cent of tourists struggle to capture high quality pictures due to "over-crowding" at the main attractions, including Anne Frank's House and Dam Square.

Thanks to local photographer, Christina Kookie, who has taken stunning pictures of the 10 different less-talked-about landmarks, holidaymakers can not only take in the breathtaking views of Python Bridge and the mural lined Beurspassage passageway, but they can also capture snapshots of their trip without the annoyance of having to wait for ages for their fellow tourists to move out of shot.

Sony's Yann Salmon Legagneur said: "We want everyone to feel like they can capture brilliant photography when exploring a new city, which is why we created the Alternative Guide to Amsterdam. The guide showcases exciting locations that travellers can explore and snap using the RX100M6, as well as providing useful tips on how to adjust simple features like exposure and aperture.

The pocket-size camera is compact and easy to navigate, giving holiday-goers the best of best worlds."

The guide will be available to watch on the Eurostar on-board entertainment platform from the November 13 to December 31.

The Top 10 Alternative Sights are as follows:

Ijmuiden - a beautiful white sandy beach 30mins from the city centre

REM 'island' - a modern restaurant sitting on stilts

De Pijp - an upcoming fashionable district in the city

Beurspassage - a beautiful mural lined passage way

Python Bridge - not your typical Dutch bridge

OBA Library - a spectacular viewing point across the city's skyline

NDSM Werf - a former shipping yard now quirky art and cultural hub

Prinseneiland - tranquillity in the centre of the city

Krom boomssloot - an uncharacteristic curved street that bends with the canal

Westerpark - used to be an old coal gas factory, but it's now a hub of activity

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