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Microsoft to use cameras to adjust dual-screen volume

Microsoft could use integrated cameras to automatically adjust its dual-screen tablet's volume.

A new patent has emerged for the tech giant's "pocketable" device - which is said to be the hardware side of Andromeda - and it could solve an issue with the two screens.

As Tech Radar reports, there could have been problems running different apps on both displays at different volume levels.

The new patent has described a mobile computing device considering of two hinged displays, and it appears each of the screens will have its own forward-facing camera.

These would determined - through face detection technology - which screen someone is looking at, and adjust the volume from there.

This would be, for example, if audio was playing from an app on both screens, the device would know to increase the volume for the screen the user is focused on, and switch in time with the user.

Meanwhile, if one screen is folded back and thsu not in use, the camera would be able to detect this too and mute it entirely.

This could go further, with other scenarios including the volume increasing as users move further away from the screen.

Of course, regular volume controls will be included too, but the latest development could be a big one.

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