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Huawei launches campaign to tackle draining batteries

Huawei has launched a new campaign to help combat draining phone batteries.

The mobile phone giants have conducted research into phone usage in the UK, and found that a whopping 61 percent of Brits admit they run out of charge on their mobile device every day, with 2pm being the average time when many of us will have run out of battery.

And to combat the rapidly draining battery crisis, Huawei is setting up a 'Recharge Your Mates' initiative, which will see them travel up and down the country delivering charge to the cities most in need.

One person can nominate up to three friends who find themselves running out of charge fast by tweeting @HuaweiMobileUK and tagging their mates, whilst also using the hashtag #RechargeYourMates.

Anyone who sends a tweet will be eligible to win themselves and their mates a Huawei Mate 20 Pro, which has the unique ability to charge another phone wirelessly using its reverse wireless charging feature.

Justin Costello, Director of Marketing for Huawei, said: "We all know the perils of running out of a phone battery, and battery strife is an issue suffered by the vast majority of our nation. At Huawei this what we mean by meaningful innovative technology to solve problems like this, which is exactly what we've done with the new Huawei Mate 20 Pro - not only does it have incredible battery life, it also gives you the power to charge another phone wirelessly using its unique reverse wireless charging feature.

"With Christmas being one of the most sociable times of year, there is all the more scope for running out of battery, which is why we've launched the Recharge Your Mates campaign, so we can charge the nation when they need it most."

In Huawei's study, they found that big cities run out of charge the fastest, with London losing power at 12pm, followed by Manchester at 2:45pm, and Liverpool at 3:15pm.

Age also has an impact, with 25 to 34 year olds running out at around 11am, whilst over 45s don't run out of power until after 3pm.

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