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Google to test drone delivery service in Finland

Google has announced plans to test its drone delivery service in Finland in 2019.

Alphabet, the parent company of the world-famous tech brand, has announced it has chosen Helsinki, Finland, as the first European location for Wing.

The drone delivery service has already been put through its paces in Australia, where the drones have made 55,000 journeys and delivered a wide range of items, including medicine, coffee and household goods.

According to Google, Helsinki has been chosen as the testing ground for Wing because Finnish people are "renowned for being early-adopters of new technologies".

The company has, in fact, encouraged Finnish people to name the products they would like to see delivered by the drone technology.

Last month, meanwhile, Google was urged to scrap plans for a controversial search engine project in China.

The firm has been working on a project entitled Dragonfly, which would be a censored version of Google's search engine developed with the help of the Chinese government, and would block terms including "human rights" and "religion".

But in a letter published online, 60 Google employees stated the project would only help state surveillance, and called for it to be cancelled.

Their plea has been backed by charity Amnesty International, which said it was at odds with the company's values.

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