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Postmates unveil serve bot

Postmates have unveil their new Serve bot.

The logistics company, known for delivering small orders from restaurants, retails shops and grocers, have revealed their brand new autonomous robot, which they say will deliver quicker and with greater efficiency.

They share on their website: "Serve's personality is all about understanding people. Nothing about Serve's intelligence is artificial. Whether you're grabbing a late-night burrito or on your morning run, Serve is designed from the wheels up to join you in your neighbourhood. Serve sees the world as we do.

"A respectful member of the community. Serve safely walks alongside pedestrians, navigates around fire hydrants, and respects our sidewalks. Using Lidar and the most advanced sensors of any automated delivery rover, Serve creates a virtual picture of the world in real time. An interactive touch screen is a part of how Serve communicates."

The Postmates Serve bot runs entirely on electric and is able to keep the restaurant meals it delivers warm en route.

They added: "All-electric with a 50 lb capacity, so your meal stays warm and our air stays fresh. Why deliver a two-pound burrito in a two-ton truck?"

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