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Ford designs noise-cancelling kennel for fireworks season

Ford has created the first noise-cancelling dog house to protect canines from fireworks.

The American car company has used noise cancellation tech in its vehicles before, but now they've come up with the genius way to keep pets safe from loud noises.

The tech works just like noise-cancelling in headphones, but the kennel is also insulated to help block out the loud bangs which can get up to a deafening 120 decibels.

Though it will need to be four-times more effective to prevent the sounds causing pain and discomfort to a dog.

Ford came up with the product - which is yet to receive a release date or price tag - after they conducted a study, which found 45 per cent of dogs are left distressed by noise pollution around Bonfire Night (November 5) and New Year's Eve (December 31).

Whilst the British animal charity RSPCA have said that they receive a high volume of calls from owners of distressed pets during fireworks season.

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