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Facebook launches fact-checking system in UK

Facebook is introducing a fact-checking operation in the UK.

The social media giant has joined forces with the charity Full Fact to be in charge with reviewing any fake news spread on the app.

This will mean that any content that is inaccurate will be marked so that users know what they are reading or viewing isn't legitimate.

However, this does not mean they will preventing users from sharing such content.

Sarah Brown, a training and news literacy manager for Facebook, commented: "We're delighted to be working with an organisation as reputable and respected as Full Fact to tackle this issue. By combining technology with the expertise of our fact-checking partners, we're working continuously to reduce the spread of misinformation on our platform."

The spreading of misinformation has been a hot topic of discussion in regards to Facebook, with a former head of intelligence agency GCHQ, recently claiming it could become a threat to democracy if tougher regulations are not introduced.

Robert Hannigan accused Facebook of being more concerned with making money than "protecting your privacy".

He said: "This isn't a kind of fluffy charity providing free services. It's is a very hard-headed international business and these big tech companies are essentially the world's biggest global advertisers, that's where they make their billions.

"So in return for the service that you find useful they take your data ... and squeeze every drop of profit out of it."

Hannigan also suggested that Facebook represents a threat to democracy.

He explained: "I think it is if it isn't controlled and regulated.

"But these big companies, particularly where there are monopolies, can't frankly reform themselves. It will have to come from outside."

His comments came after British MPs accused the social networking firm of making secret deals over user data and handling of fake news.

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