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Amazon using self-driving trucks

Amazon are transporting goods using self-driving trucks.

The e-commerce giant have teamed up with Embark on autonomous vehicles to send cargo up and down the interstate highway.

Instead of designing their own trucks, Embark integrate their own self-driving systems into existing vehicles and they are designed to only be used on the highway.

Embark shared in a statement: "Embark has compiled many firsts for automated trucks, including driving across the country, operating in rain and fog, and navigating highway transfers. Embark is advancing the state of the art in automated trucks and bringing safe, sustainable commercial transport closer every day."

The vehicles were first picked up by a Reddit user, who posted pictures of the lorries travelling up and down the I-10 highway with both the Embark and Amazon Prime logos on.

An Amazon spokesperson said: "We are always innovating and working with innovative companies to improve the customer experience and safety of our team. We think successful over-the-road autonomy will create safer roadways and a better work environment for drivers on long-haul runs."

The Amazon trailers are taken up to the highway by a driver, before being connected to Embark's "tractor" part of the lorry.

Explaining where their idea for autonomous vehicles came from, Embark's CEO Alex Rodrigues previously revealed: "Trucking is facing a workforce problem. More than 50 percent of all drivers will retire in the next two decades and there aren't nearly enough young drivers joining the industry to replace them. By allowing automation to work together with local drivers to handle less desirable long haul routes, we will be able to increase productivity to address the current 50,000 driver shortage while also creating new local driving jobs that attract younger drivers for the industry."

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