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Instagram is banning graphic self-harm images

Instagram has confirmed plans to ban graphic images of self-harm.

The photo sharing platform has insisted while it understands the benefits of people having a space to share their experiences - or to get support - it won't allow certain images on its site.

Boss Adam Mosseri wrote this week: "Up until now, we've focused most of our approach on trying to help the individual who is sharing their experiences around self-harm.

"We have allowed content that shows contemplation or admission of self-harm, because experts have told us it can help people get the support they need. But we need to do more to consider the effect of these images on other people who might see them."

Meanwhile, non=graphic content related to self-haring - including images of healed scars - won't show up in search, hashtags or the explore tab, and it won't be recommended to users.

However, that content won't be removed entirely because Instagram doesn't "want to stigmatise or isolate people who my be in distress and posting self-harm related content as a cry for help".

As part of the change, the app will also look to provide more help to users who post and search for self-harm related content.

Mosseri added: "We know there's more that we can do to support the most vulnerable people who use Instagram; that's why we'll continue to work with experts and the wider industry to find ways to support people when they're most in need."

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