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WhatsApp issues advice on keeping messages from 'snoopers'

WhatsApp has issued advice on how to stop "snoopers" reading messages.

The Facebook-owned owned app says that in order to protect privacy users are much safer signing in on iPhone using their Touch ID or Face ID than their password.

A tweet on the official page for WhatsApp reads: "For an extra layer of protection on iPhone, use Touch ID or Face ID on WhatsApp to keep snoopers from reading your messages."

The new feature was launchd last month and works by going through the Settings and clicking on Account Privacy and then Screen Lock, which will activate TouchID or FaceID on the app.

Announcing the new security measure, they said: "At WhatsApp, we care deeply about private messaging, and we're excited to introduce Touch ID and Face ID on iPhone to help prevent someone from taking your phone and reading your messages."

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