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Facebook adds quoted replies to Messenger

Facebook is adding quoted replies to its Messenger app.

The company has introduced the new feature to its instant messaging platform, which will give users the ability to quote and reply to specific messages within a conversation.

As reported by VentureBeat, the feature - which is already offered in a similar way by Facebook-owned service WhatsApp - is an expanded part of the already existing reaction emoji.

Whereas before, holding down on an individual message would come up with a series of emoji choices, you'll also be able to hit the "reply" button.

This will attach a quoted version of the original post to your own response, and the new message will appear in line with the previous conversation.

It's been said that the company is aiming to create a cross-platform messaging system to unite the chat services included with Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram.

Adding a WhatsApp feature to Messenger - and continuing to have similar and comparable features on the trio of platforms - would make this much easier when Facebook does decided to merge them.

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