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WhatsApp's new feature to prevent fake news

WhatsApp are reportedly introducing a new feature that helps prevent the spreading of fake news.

Facebook's messaging service will introduce a label on messages that have been forwarded a certain number of times.

That's according to WhatsApp-focused blog WABetaInfo, who noted the new addition to the app, although they didn't say when it will become a feature for all.

The site reports that: "WhatsApp added this feature to help the user to understand when a message is very "popular" on WhatsApp: if it has been forwarded too many times, it might contain incorrect or spam information."

WhatsApp already has a limit on the number of messages that can be forwarded at one time.

The instant messaging service's changes come following a spate of lynchings and mob violence in India caused by the spread of misinformation.

Five people were reportedly lynched in Dhule, India over a rumour circulated on the app which alleged they were child abducters.

A further 12 people were assaulted as a result of similar messages being spread.

As of July 10, 2018, users were alerted when a message has been forwarded.

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