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Facebook to reveal News Feed algorithms

Facebook are going to let their users' know why an article is appearing in their New Feed.

The social media network will apply the "Why am I seeing this post?" button fully on May 2, but some users in the UK have already spotted the function.

It will be accessible in the drop-down menu in the tip right corner of every post.

Facebook explain with notes like: "You've commented on posts with photos more than other media types."

Mark Zuckerberg's firm are also adding more details on the "Why am I seeing this ad?" button, which has been on the app since 2014.

It will now let people know if they were match with certain adverts based on their profile, adding to it already being able to let users known if they are being target by certain ads due to their location.

The News Feed feature comes after the CEO called for more regulation of harmful content on the internet.

He said" "Lawmakers often tell me we have too much power over speech, and frankly I agree."

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