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Sony creates gigantic 16K screen

Sony has created a 16K screen with mind-blowing definition.

The unit itself is longer than a bus and when viewers stand close up to the screen it is still not visually blurred.

The 63ft by 17ft screen is currently installed at a research centre south of Tokyo, Japan, and it's so big that it fits on both the first and second floor.

However, the new piece of tech could take some time before it arrives into the consumer market.

David Mercer from the consultancy Strategy Analytics told BBC News:

"We're moving slowly towards 8K TVs at the end of the decade and who knows how long it will take to get beyond that, so 16K is likely to be limited to the corporate world for the time being.

"But there's no doubt about it. These displays are incredibly impressive in person - even 8K on a big display is almost mesmerising.

"When you get to this resolution it delivers almost a quasi-virtual reality experience as your eyes perceive there to be depth to the content."

The technology used in the 16K screen is called Crystal LED and rivals Samsung are also working on their own version of the format.

It's much brighter than OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screens, however it is proving to expensive to produce on a mass scale at present.

But Sony are working on getting the same quality on smaller screens.

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