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Netflix making you chilly?

Netflix could be affecting your temperature.

Google Trends found that searches for "when to turn heating off" increased by 65 per cent as Spring sprung this year, and there are several varying factors that people might not think about when it comes to why they are cold or hot.

These include mood, hydration, quality of sleep and exercise, plus watching a film or TV show.

For example watching a horror movie, may give you actual chills and want to grab a blanket or equally if you are irritated by something you could become hot and sweaty.

It's possible to control temperature based on these factors by using smart technology such as the Nest Learning Thermostat.

Thermal expert Michael Symonds, a Professor of Physiology, explained: "We spend so much time focusing on what we eat and drink, but all too often forget that simple changes in temperature can have a real impact on how we feel and behave.

"Smart technology such as the Nest Learning Thermostat can help us be more aware of our surroundings and even learn which temperatures suit our individual needs to help support how comfortable we feel."

The Nest Learning Thermostat adapts to the behaviour of a household by getting familiar with everyone's routine and, in just one week, it is fully programmed to adjust according to what temperature makes everyone feel comfortable.

It works by the heating being turned down at night time, taking notes and building a schedule.

For example, if the heating is turned up for a few days in a row, Nest has learned that breakfast time is more suited to 20 degrees, so as everyone is waking up it turns the warmth up a few notches.

The Nest Learning Thermostat is priced at £219.

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